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Aerial Hoop "Lyra"

This class is taught by:

Jordan Kensley

Jordan Kensley first discovered pole dancing two years ago when she watched Jenyne Butterfly on YouTube. She decided, at that moment, that she would dedicate herself to the art of Pole. She moved to Los Angeles in October 2012 and began training immediately. Her first performance was a group routine in Pole Show LA 2013 and Jordan entered her first pole competition through Pole Sport Organization a few months later. She now trains and performs as often as she can; she is currently a cast member of "Girl Next Door", and has performed in many studio showcases. Jordan trains at BeSpun, inFit Dance, The Choreography House, The Vertitude and with Kristina Nekyia of Fit & Bendy. We are happy to have her as an instructor at inFit!

Tamysen Malles

Tamysen trained 3 years in Vertical Dance and Hoop Dance and is classically-trained in ballet. Certified licensed practitioner of 'yoga for the special child' . Certified "Flirty Girl Fitness" and recently trained in Qignition's QiDance. Personal assistant to the king of the universe extraordinary cook of all things green! (Excluding frogs). Performed with Arizona's Classical Theater and the World's Best Shakespeare Company, as well as too many musical theater performances to name.

Jane Rose

Jane Rose has been involved with various forms of movement since she was a very small child. When living in Chicago, Jane was a principle dancer and choreographer for the dance group The Amazonen. Jane has been performing and training aerial for four years. Her apparatus include: Pole (rubber and metal), Lyra, Tissu, Hammock, Straps and Span Sets. Jane regularly performs with Kelly Yvonne’s “Girl’s Next Door” and is a principle dancer for Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre and performed in KMVT shows Catalyst and Once Upon a Pole. Jane was most recently seen on stage for a workshop performance of Trajectoire with Diavolo Dance Theater. Jane also owns and operates a Production and Post-Production design company that specializes in media design for film, television, theme parks and multi-media. We are happy to have Jane as part of the InFit team! 

Sioux ZQ

A trained dancer for over 17 years, Sioux discovered aerial in 2010 and pole in 2012. These days, she spends 90% of her day upside down and in the air. She teaches aerial hoop, static trapeze, and silk at multiple schools, with a focus on building the athleticism and grace to perform extended combinations on each apparatus. Sioux performs frequently in the Los Angeles area as a dancer, aerialist and pole artist.

Lyndsey Anne Gago

Lyndsey Gago started dancing in 2008 and decided she wanted to be a performer after the first year of her training. She took as many classes as she could and began personal training to improve her dance technique and help others gain confidence (she knows personally what it is like to be overweight, and how difficult it is to lose the weight by yourself). Then, in 2012 she found aerial acrobatics and knew that was the way to take her performing to the next level. She fell head over heels for the art form and has been training ever since. She began teaching aerial in 2013 after many dance and personal training clients asked if they could try their hand on the apparatuses. Lyndsey loves her career choice and couldn’t be happier.

Gigi Dec

Gigi has been a dancer since the young age of three, with a strong focus in ballet, gymnastics, cheer and freestyle. She started dancing professionally in 2005. Working with numerous companies including Insomniac, Fire and Ice, Purrfect Angelz, and IDL Entertainment to name a few, traveling the U.S., Europe and China performing at music festivals and events. Gigi has been performing and choreographing aerial dance since 2011 at numerous venues and special events in Los Angeles. Her specialties are aerial fabric, hammock, hoop and burlesque.

Gigi has had the pleasure of training with numerous accomplished aerial performers. Rob Crites, Sita Acevedo, Lauren Stark and Selkie Holm, with Cirque de Soleil, Zen Arts, Quixotic, and Cirque School LA were the foundation of Gigi’s instruction leading her to share her passion and talents with others inspiring them to reach for the stars.

Dawn Dunlap

Dawn's passion for artistic athletics was sparked at a young age while training as a competitive figure skater. She placed fourth at the inaugural State Games of America before hanging up her skates to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. She trained in musical theatre and dance under Broadway performers Elaine Petricoff and Lindsay Chambers before studying in Cambridge as a part of the Moscow Art Theatre Stanislavsky School. There she studied stage movement under one of the most famous movement coaches in Russia, Andrei Droznin, and soon became enamored the elements of stage, circus and acrobatics including locomotor skills and slow motion technique. She has performed all over the country, a few of her favorite credits include Marian the Librarian in Meredith Willson's The Music Man, Mollie Ralston in Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, both Helena and Sofia in Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya and Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet. She fell in love with the aerial arts in southern California and has trained in aerial silks, hoop, hammock and cube, as well as well workshops for Spanish web, flying trapeze, cyr wheel, harness flying and net. She has spent the past year training in Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity aerial techniques and is currently a nationally certified AntiGravity instructor in AG Fundamentals, AG Aerial Yoga and AG Suspension Fitness.

Amanda Ritchie

Amanda’s lifelong dream of being a Cirque du Soleil came true in 2006 after a lifetime of preparation.
She has extensive training in pole, silks, cerceau, trapeze, harness, bungee, duo trapeze (base), spanish web, ballet, en pointe, jazz, commercial hip hop, tap, adage, lyrical and on top of all that, a personal training certification! Fresh out of Cirque and ready to move on to the next phase of her life, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue dreams in the entertainment business.!

Kelsea Polk

Kelsea grew up in Oregon, she has a background in ballet and theatre. She studied theatre at Portland state university and started pole dancing two and a half years ago in Portland, OR, and continued her training her in LA.  She has taken an interest in silks and Lyra and love the aerial world. She has been dancing in strip clubs for two years, and currently work at cheetahs.  She is very excited to bring her lap dance background to Infit.
Aerial hoop, a.k.a. Lyra is a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling with rigging. Students will build upper body strength and flexibility while learning to create beautiful maneuvers in the air. Beginners will learn the basic of spinning on the hoop and the different ways to get into and out of the hoop. Intermediate students will learn to progress onto harder and more advanced maneuvers. Advanced students will learn to create their own choreography and learn to work with a partner Duo Hoop. All students will be taught the basic safety techniques, the proper way to exit the hoop, and the safest way to fall out of the hoop. All classes will be taught above thick safety mats and provide safety techniques and individual spotting.