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Pole Conditioning

This class is taught by:

Tara Phillips

Tara Phillips is an actress, TV host and Emcee. She has hosted many pole events such as Ink-N-Iron for the past 3 years, Pole Show LA and CPDC. She performed as the lead role in "Strip the Play" in LA and Las Vegas where she got to bring together her love for pole, singing and acting into the show. She has also been seen pole dancing in many music videos and TV series. Tara says that when she began her Pole training she was a “slow learner” which makes her believe she is a good and patient teacher. For more about Tara, check out

Elena Anishchenko

Elena started pole dancing in Russia and has become a competitive pole dancer and teacher for the past 6 years. She prefers spinning pole and tricks based on flexibility, with great attention to clean lines and choreography with a pole. She started dancing at the age of 10 with jazz, Russian folk dance, hip-hop and jazz-funk. She truly enjoys teaching, and loves seeing the progress of her  students and feels proud watching them perform. Elena won 3rd place in the Pacific Pole Championship, professional division in 2014. In October 2013, she became an International Pole Dance judge by IPSF (International Pole Sport Federation in London). Other titles Elena won:
  • 1st Place, Miss Pole Dance Siberia, artistic professional 2011 and 2012
  • 3rd Place Russian National Championship - Miss & Mister Pole Dance Russia, artistic, St. Petersburg 2011
  • European Pole Dance Championship, Finalist, (6 place), artistic, Moscow 2011

Tamysen Malles

Tamysen trained 3 years in Vertical Dance and Hoop Dance and is classically-trained in ballet. Certified licensed practitioner of 'yoga for the special child' . Certified "Flirty Girl Fitness" and recently trained in Qignition's QiDance. Personal assistant to the king of the universe extraordinary cook of all things green! (Excluding frogs). Performed with Arizona's Classical Theater and the World's Best Shakespeare Company, as well as too many musical theater performances to name.
In the class students will go through a 20-30 min warm up/stretch on the mats with some yoga poses to help open up the hips, warm up the shoulders and core.
Then we will do sets of strength training exercises on the pole to build muscle for climbs and inverts which will also tone the body quickly.
This class is for all levels and beginners will be given modified versions of the exercises where more advanced students will also be challenged.
The last 30 minutes will be a guided open pole/freedance. Students can practice what they are currently working on as the instructor will come around and assist you with your current needs.