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Pole Tricks (intermediate)

This class is taught by:

Amanda Wing

Amanda has been instructing pole since 2012 and has a background in theatre, martial arts, and dance. After earning her degree in Theatre from Florida State University, Amanda moved to LA to pursue her love of the Arts. For Amanda, pole proved to be one of the most exciting (and unexpected!) creative outlets and she's eager to share the experience with her students - beginner through advanced! "Pole can be anything to anyone!" She loves how diverse pole expression can be as each dancer brings a different background and uniqueness to his or her own movement. Amanda also teaches in Santa Monica at The Pole Garage. Recently, she was honored to perform on stage for the First Annual Pole World News Awards at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown LA.

Sioux ZQ

A trained dancer for over 17 years, Sioux discovered aerial in 2010 and pole in 2012. These days, she spends 90% of her day upside down and in the air. She teaches aerial hoop, static trapeze, and silk at multiple schools, with a focus on building the athleticism and grace to perform extended combinations on each apparatus. Sioux performs frequently in the Los Angeles area as a dancer, aerialist and pole artist.

Josiah Keith Grant

By the time Bad Azz was seven, the fantasy had begun. He would often sneak away from his scheduled gymnastic assignments to experiment with an unprecedented routine all on his own. By 16, he was hooked on the idea of becoming proficient, and he secretly purchased his own vertical, retractable pole for his bedroom. He practiced this obsession in secret, having no mentor to guide him. He knew his artist flow was taking him where no male before him had gone, and he was nonetheless undaunted. For the next three years, he studied insatiably to improve his craft. Hip hop, gymnastics, ballet, and contortion lessons filled his high school roster of events, before and after class hours.

The result of this diligence is Bad Azz, the premiere male pole dancer in the United States. He has been featured on the Dr's Show. During this notable segment, the cast of The Doctors joked about men getting involved on the pole, and Bad Azz played the role a regular audience member challenged to try a trick or two. He dazzled their broad viewing audience with a skillful performance. He has been a recurring guest on the Jerry Springer Show, again featured as a gifted anomaly to the pole dancing community. He has also appeared on ABC Family, MTV, TruTV, and his own series of pole instructional videos, and countless brief television appearances and interviews.

To date, he has won 1st Place in the Bad Kitty Spins and Tricks, 3rd as the American Male Pole Dance Champion NYC, and 2013 North American " Elite" Pole Dance Champion. He has garnered the sponsorship of top pole companies, namely Mighty Grip, Honey's Artistic Pot, and Kelly Maglia Cotour. To watch Bad Azz perform is to understand that the pole is his alter ego. His credo is: "One can only become an Artist after acknowledging and knowing your true self." Hence, what Bad Azz knows he is also able to effectively teach and inspire in others. Bad Azz is also a world-celebrated pole clinician, respected by his male and female peers. From Australia to Japan, from Canada to Mexico, Europe and all throughout the United States, Bad Azz is a talent without boundaries, with a performance charisma that is worthy of any onlooker's awe. Ascend, descend, spin, stretch and strengthen your belief in the vertical superiority exuded in this transcendent performer!

Elena Anishchenko

Elena started pole dancing in Russia and has become a competitive pole dancer and teacher for the past 6 years. She prefers spinning pole and tricks based on flexibility, with great attention to clean lines and choreography with a pole. She started dancing at the age of 10 with jazz, Russian folk dance, hip-hop and jazz-funk. She truly enjoys teaching, and loves seeing the progress of her  students and feels proud watching them perform. Elena won 3rd place in the Pacific Pole Championship, professional division in 2014. In October 2013, she became an International Pole Dance judge by IPSF (International Pole Sport Federation in London). Other titles Elena won:
  • 1st Place, Miss Pole Dance Siberia, artistic professional 2011 and 2012
  • 3rd Place Russian National Championship - Miss & Mister Pole Dance Russia, artistic, St. Petersburg 2011
  • European Pole Dance Championship, Finalist, (6 place), artistic, Moscow 2011

Peppa Pou

Peppa is a choreographer, Performer, Group Fitness Instructor, Advance Pole dance Instructor and Dancehall Fit Instructor. She embraced shotta style Dancehall in 2006, Dancehall Queen style in 2009 and discovered Pole in December 2009. Peppa holds the titles Southern California Dancehall Queen 2009 and 2012, Bayarea Dancehall Queen 2010 and Winner of National Aerial Pole Art 2013 30 Second Combo Challenge. She teaches Pole, Spin Pole, Sexy Floorwork, Twerk, Chair Dance, and Dancehall Fit classes at multiple dance and Fitness studios. She continues to develop her skills in various forms including Dancehall, Pole dance, Ariel Hoop, Aerial Silk, yoga, Break dancing and Gymnastics.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson has been involved in gymnastics and dance since she was 7 years old. Her extensive background training with rhythmic gymnastics, contortion, hip-hop dance, pilates, barre method, and weight lifting has appealed to the TV/film and fitness industry across the world. In 2004 she was one of the principal dancers on Soul Train and since then has appeared in numerous music videos and national commercial spots as a dancer. Michelle has also contributed to the fitness industry as a fitness spokeswoman. She has worked for companies such as Muscle Tech, Vitamin Shoppe, and SAN, for major events such as Arnold Classic and Olympia. Michelle is also a 3-time first place winner of the national Hawaiian Tropics competition. She is currently the Pole World News Host, continuously traveling, interviewing and meeting all the new and known faces of the pole world profession. She's excited to be a part of the inFit team, bringing her passion and well-rounded knowledge of fitness and dance -- whether it's flexibility, rhythmic gymnastics, contortion, pole, or just a nice, fit beach body the clients are looking for.

Amanda Ritchie

Amanda’s lifelong dream of being a Cirque du Soleil came true in 2006 after a lifetime of preparation.
She has extensive training in pole, silks, cerceau, trapeze, harness, bungee, duo trapeze (base), spanish web, ballet, en pointe, jazz, commercial hip hop, tap, adage, lyrical and on top of all that, a personal training certification! Fresh out of Cirque and ready to move on to the next phase of her life, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue dreams in the entertainment business!

Ching Lee

Pacific Pole Championship Masters Level 4 Gold Medal. Cast Member in Girl Next Door- a pole dance soiree

Candace Cane

Having been a dancer for most of her life, Candace was a natural when introduced to the pole. Over the years she has built up her strength and flexibility through training in modern, ballet, jazz, lyrical, & hip hop. Candace's passion for pole dancing has landed her several gigs where she displayed her talents in live concerts for Snoop Dogg and in music videos for artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & Rae Sremmurd, Maroon 5, G Eazy, Ed Sheeran, & many others. More so than performing, Candace enjoys teaching and helping students achieve goals through thorough instruction and demonstration. She started teaching in early 2013 and has since taught at several studios across the United States and in Mexico. She specializes in teaching all levels of pole, exotic dance, deep stretch, chair dance, and twerk. As one of Los Angele's top pole dancers Candace is always performing locally at some of the best bars and events as well as with Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show burlesque troupe. She has won numerous awards including (to name a few): 2017 USNPC Level 5 Exotic Gold, 2017 USNPC Doubles Gold, 2015 PPC Professional Championship Bronze, 2015 Pole Olympia Bronze, & 2014 Girls Next Door Best Duet w/ Sasja Lee.

Kelsea Polk

Kelsea grew up in Oregon, she has a background in ballet and theatre. She studied theatre at Portland state university and started pole dancing two and a half years ago in Portland, OR, and continued her training her in LA.  She has taken an interest in silks and Lyra and love the aerial world. She has been dancing in strip clubs for two years, and currently work at Cheetahs.  She is very excited to bring her lap dance background to Infit.

Chris Sea

Chris Sea started pole dancing in 2012 and fell in love with the art of dance and storytelling. She found herself drawn to contemporary pole dance and the emotional, soulful origins of dance movements. Chris Sea is a pole choreographer, instructor, and competition coach. She has choreographed numerous winning pole pieces through the years for both amateur and professional level competitors. She's judged various competitions and has taught her workshops all over the U.S. She poles and trains with her little Maltese pup Bosco, who also performs circus tricks with her. She also owns The BossLife Photography which specializes in dance photography. She is excited to share her love for dance and the arts with students.

Anna Alvarez

Anna began pole dancing in 2012 and currently teaches and trains in Los Angeles, California. This year she placed 2nd at the PCS Arnold National Championships, 3rd at the NAPDC National Championships and in August placed 1st in the PSO National women's pro Championships. Anna is excited to share her passion and love for the art of pole, and more importantly she knows how to make it work for each student individually. 
Trick based pole class for intermediate/ advanced.