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Harmony Costa started dancing in 2000 when a friend of hers took her to Millennium Dance Complex for the first time. From that moment on, she knew she was in the right place. She continued to train, day and night, in any style that was offered. Hip Hop, Lyrical Jazz and House were her favorites.
After a year of classes at various studios, mainly MDC and Debbie Reynolds, she landed a few teaching jobs around LA... She also regularly appeared in the infamous monthly "Carnival" stage show at the Key Club, as well as, many other local gigs. Then in 2007, Harmony booked the off-broadway show "Stomp Out Loud" in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood.
While in Vegas, she joined a dance company called "Lost Vegas" that specialized in large stage productions. She also joined a Stepping/ Body Percussion crew called "Molodi" that performed in small, intimate theaters, jazz cafe type places, as well as, corporate events.
By 2009, the North American Stomp Tour asked her to join their cast on the road, which she gladly accepted. After 8 months of touring, she was back in Vegas and back in rehearsals with Molodi for small tours of their own. But, Harmony was missing LA and yearning for something new. So, she moved back home in 2010 and took up Dj-ing. After just one year she had already made that her full time job. The only thing missing was dance. Lucky for her, her amazing hairstylist, Gloria, knew of this place called Infit that had just opened. So, she thought she'd give it try....
Now, she's been re-introduced to everything she loved about dance, just in a new, exciting kind of way.
Harmony always looks forward to sharing all that she's learned over the last 16 years.. Especially in the marriage of movement and musicality.

Harmony instructs the following:
  • Sexy Hip Hop
  • Sexy Hip Hop is a high-energy, playful, dance class most suited for individuals who would consider themselves divas! For this class you should be prepared to sweat, learn choreography, gain confidence, sex appeal, and most of all have a good time! You will be learning new choreography each class. The dance moves you will be taught most resemble styles of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, PussyCat Dolls, and Ciara. The class will begin with a 15 minute warmup, followed by 30 minutes of learning choreography and ending with 15 minutes of performance time. During performance time you have the option of being recorded and having your personal performance sent to you by email. For this class you should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and shoes you can dance in. If you are wishing to move like the sexy women in hip hop/pop videos or wanting to show off alittle on the dance floor then this is the class for you!