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Noelle Frances discovered pole in 2014 and after building her strength, fell in love with the Lyra. She brings sultry aspect to her performances that set her apart from other aerial performers and you can catch her spreading the gospel of sexy flexibility at a number of studios in Los Angeles. She is one half of the Performance collective Wicked Woman and with her partner, Kelsea Alabama, she produces and performs TWO shows per month, Silent Femmes and Wicked Woman Picture Show, at El Cid.

Noelle instructs the following:
  • Aerial Hoop/Lyra Choreography
  • Aerial lyra class for all levels that combines aerial tricks, poses and spins into cohesive choreography and shows you how to develop a routine. Good for all levels. 

  • Flex, Stretch & Balance
  • Take your flexibility from basic warm up stretching to beginning contortion poses, all levels are welcome to train at your own pace. We will focus on safely exploring your limits through proper warm up and mat exercises to take home. Come increase your bendy power, learn to prevent injuries through safe stretching, breathe, and stretch in a supportive environment. This class Also teaches you how to balance on your hands. You will get upside down and practice the subtle adjustments needed to stay there.

  • Aerial Cirque Advanced Hoop and Hammock
  • This class is for intermediate and advanced students who already built a foundation of strength and flexibility and ready to move forward and beyond!
    You will work on all the apparatus which are: Lyra (aerial hoop), and the Hammock.
    Wear tights or leggings with leg warmers, bodysuit or a T-shirt to protect your back! And enjoy!

  • All Level Low Flow Aerial

  • Low Flow Aerial - Int/Adv

  • Aerial Hammock
  • Classes start with a 30 minute dance-based stretching warm-up followed by 45 minutes of having fun while you develop your upper body, core, grip strength, as well as improve your flexibility, courage, and grace. Students will learn a range of poses, drops, and movements through the use of friction, knots, wraps, and climbs. All classes are open to students of all skill levels, and intermediate/advanced moves are taught as you progress.