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Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee instructs the following:
  • Pole Conditioning
  • In the class students will go through a 20-30 min warm up/stretch on the mats with some yoga poses to help open up the hips, warm up the shoulders and core.
    Then we will do sets of strength training exercises on the pole to build muscle for climbs and inverts which will also tone the body quickly.
    This class is for all levels and beginners will be given modified versions of the exercises where more advanced students will also be challenged.
    The last 30 minutes will be a guided open pole/freedance. Students can practice what they are currently working on as the instructor will come around and assist you with your current needs.

  • Pole Choreography
  • This class is open to all students who have been to at least 12 classes. A glamorous pole fitness and choreography class combined into one! You’ll be able to tie together spins, tricks and floor work for a complete sexy workout. These full-length routines will have you practicing and perfecting your pole and dance skills!

  • Spin Pole
  • beginner / intermediate  Spinning Pole 
    All levels are welcome.
    You can learn a sexy routine, beginner/intermediate tricks and spins.