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Class Descriptions

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This class is for intermediate and advanced students who already built a foundation of strength and flexibility and ready to move forward and beyond!
You will work on all the apparatus which are: Lyra (aerial hoop), and the Hammock.
Wear tights or leggings with leg warmers, bodysuit or a T-shirt to protect your back! And enjoy!
Classes start with a 30 minute dance-based stretching warm-up followed by 45 minutes of having fun while you develop your upper body, core, grip strength, as well as improve your flexibility, courage, and grace. Students will learn a range of poses, drops, and movements through the use of friction, knots, wraps, and climbs. All classes are open to students of all skill levels, and intermediate/advanced moves are taught as you progress.
Aerial lyra class for all levels that combines aerial tricks, poses and spins into cohesive choreography and shows you how to develop a routine. Good for all levels. 
This static pole class is suitable for all levels. You will learn tricks, spins, and climbs appropriate for your skill level. All levels welcome!
Chair dance uses the chair as a prop and starts with a chair warm-up that tones your legs, thighs, abs, hips and butt while learning a sexy burlesque chair dance routine.  You will learn the fundamentals of classical burlesque dance, with particular attention to slow, graceful and sensual movements, showcasing and engaging your audience. The pace of this class is slow and sexy, and is perfect for beginners.
Kick up your cardio with this intense, fun and sexy workout in heels as we focus on walking and turning combos on and off the pole. Moving up and down the pole from the floor to the walls and creating fluid and sexy combos to use in the bedroom at home, or in a delicious combination with your pole moves! Develop your skills with hip movement, leg teases, body rolls, shoulder rolls, slides, sweeps, booty poppin’, pole work, footwork and more! This class is designed for all skill levels. No pole dance required.
What to Wear: Students are required to have knee pads, leg warmers and stilettos for this class and encouraged to dress in something fun and flirty.
A freestyle/performance based class where all are welcome and encouraged to put together the moves and tricks you’ve learned in your own way. Class starts with an instructor led warm up and then students take turns practicing choreography or freestyles (pole, floorwork, tricks, or whatever you’re in the mood for) for each other and cheering each other on. Costumes and your own music are encouraged but not required. All levels welcome.  This class is designed to help you discover and experiment with new, lines, extensions, and forms of movement through specific exercises or prompts. Great for creating free flowing movement and helping you find your bodies natural rhythm. 
Take your flexibility from basic warm up stretching to beginning contortion poses, all levels are welcome to train at your own pace. We will focus on safely exploring your limits through proper warm up and mat exercises to take home. Come increase your bendy power, learn to prevent injuries through safe stretching, breathe, and stretch in a supportive environment. This class Also teaches you how to balance on your hands. You will get upside down and practice the subtle adjustments needed to stay there.
This class is for absolute beginners thru beginner students who need to learn & work on basic skills and build a foundation for strength and flexibility. You will be introduced to Aerial Tissu, Lyra (aerial hoop), and the Hammock. Students will learn the basics. Students will learn basic techniques like how to: climb, wrap footlocks, get into hip keys, straddle up and basic choreography, in a safe and controlled manner. Wear tights or leggings to this class.
Intro to pole starts with a 15 minute sexy warm up followed by 45 minutes of learning basic pole moves that get put together into a routine. If you have never pole danced before or want to work on the basics this is the class for you. For the first one or first few classes of pole dancing, you will be comfortable practicing your first pole moves along with other newbies like yourself. This class combines a little bit of everything: stretching, abs, core workout, and the most basic pole moves. Learn at your own pace.
This class is designed to get you fearsomely strong and focus on techniques of ballistic and dynamic tricks and movement on pole. From power spins, tumbles, and casts you will develop the fundamentals of strengths and release tricks. It will predominantly be concentrated on static pole. If you're ready to level up your skills and test your strength, come challenge yourself!
This class starts out with a dance based warm up then combines Lyra and Trapeze Training.This multi level class allows students to try out a variety of aerial equipment including lyra and trapeze. Wear tights or leggings to this class.
Open Pole
One Pole for 1 hour
No Instructor Provided
This class is open to all students who have been to at least 12 classes. A glamorous pole fitness and choreography class combined into one! You’ll be able to tie together spins, tricks and floor work for a complete sexy workout. These full-length routines will have you practicing and perfecting your pole and dance skills!

Burlesque inspired fitness based chair warm up that works your hips thighs and butt followed by a chair and pole fusion class. Burlesque choreography is taught as well as how to use both the chair and the pole to create a cute routine.

Beginner / intermediate  Spinning Pole 
All levels are welcome.
You can learn a sexy routine, beginner/intermediate tricks and spins.