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Why choose inFit dance?
  • We are a one-stop shop for pole, aerial, and many other types of dance fitness. Joining inFit is like joining a pole studio, aerial fitness studio, ballet barre studio, and dance fitness studio all rolled into one.
  • Our instructors are talented, caring, passionate and championship and award-winning dancers who love what they do and will make you love it too.
  • We have 2 beautiful studios, a variety of aerial equipment, 14-foot poles, and skilled instructors.
  • We offer a variety of pole classes for dancers of all levels.
  • No contracts!
  • We offer very affordable pricing on memberships, classes & parties.
  • We have classes 7 days a week in the morning, afternoon and evening. We offer 90 minute & 60 minute classes.
  • Choose the right price option for your budget – You can buy one class at a time, buy a multi-class series, or purchase a monthly package.
  • No 6-week Courses to go through.  Everyone learns and moves at their own pace and some catch on quicker than others.  All students are welcome to try the levels where they feel most comfortable, or challenge themselves to push beyond their current skill level and sign up for multiple levels in the same week. We offer static and spinning pole in the same class and many multi-level classes. We want you to learn and flourish.
  • No underteaching. Some studios structure their classes so that they’re mostly warm-ups and very little time exercising and learning. Our pole technique classes start with approximately 30 minutes of warm up followed by at least 45 minutes of pole.
  • We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening to fit your schedule!
How do I sign up for classes?

Click here to use our online scheduler to purchase and book your classes. Or, please contact us at (818) 856-1348 and email us at
Ask for Amy!

What are our hours?

We are available to answer phone calls and emails from 10am until 9pm every day, 7 days a week.
However, our classes are sometimes held before and after these times, starting as early as 9am and as late as 9pm.
Please see our Schedule for a daily list of classes.

How much does it cost?

We offer memberships, class packs, and drop-ins. Click here to see the rates.
Memberships vary depending on the number of classes per week you’d like to take and are $10 per month less if you sign up with autopay for monthly memberships.
There are options to fit anyone’s budget, please talk to us and let us tailor a solution that works for you!

Can I just drop in?

Yes, if there is availability. For pole classes please call the studio at (818) 856-1348 to book a same-day class to make sure there is space in the class.

Are classes co-ed or women only?

Classes that are co-ed will be labeled with "(co-ed)" in the class title. Otherwise, classes without this label are women only.

Are there kids’ classes?

We do not have kids’ classes at this time. We hope to add them soon.

What do I wear to class?

Pole:  Dress comfortably.  In any pole fitness class "skin is in". Exposed skin will stick to the pole. Fabric will not. We recommend wearing form-fitting shorts and a sports bra or tank top. For Pole Level 1 and “intro to pole” you may wear workout pants that can be comfortably pulled up above the knee.  Please do not wear any body lotions or oils as they make the pole slippery and dangerous.  Please remove all jewelry. High heels are optional do not affect your ability to do pole either way.
Aerial classes:  Wear something tight fitting and stretchy that covers the backs of knees, armpits, and stomach.
All other classes:  Wear workout attire.  Sneakers are recommended for Zumba or Cheerobics classes.

Do I have to wear heels to pole dance?

Shoes are optional.  Some instructors frequently dance in them and others do not. It’s up to you. Some moves (especially inverts) feel very different in heels so if you plan on performing in them it is a good idea to practice in class. Practice makes perfect!

Do I need to lose weight or get into shape before I begin?

No!  Our classes are designed to help build your strength and increase flexibility progressively.  Our classes are for everyone! You will build the strength you need by coming to class. There is no one too fat, too, skinny, too old, too weak, or too ANYTHING to dance!

I have no upper body strength, can I do pole or aerial?

90% of the women that start doing pole dance think they have no upper body strength, and most have no physical fitness background.  You do not have to have a fitness background or be flexible to do pole dance.  We do strength training exercises in all of our classes to increase your strength.  All of our students are able to easily learn pole tricks in their first class no matter their size or skill level.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish your first day and you'll feel so empowered to know you did it.  Each week your strength will improve and you will be amazed at your new abilities!

What if I’m shy and self-conscious about my appearance or looking silly in class?

We’ve all been there. All of us were a little awkward in the beginning. It’s new -- it’s supposed to be that way. Our “Intro to Pole” and pole fitness classes use flattering, dim mood lighting, and are set up so that you will be able to learn at your own pace. Our instructors make you feel very comfortable.  They will give you individual instruction, spotting and lots of positive encouragement. There is no wrong way to learn and you will not have to dance in front of an audience. We laugh, we joke, we play and make the classes fun! You will gain confidence with each class you take.

Do I need a dance background?

No!  It isn't necessary to have a dance background.  Beginners will learn short choreographed routines in a judgment-free environment.  Many of the most amazing pole dancers have little or no dance background.

Are there changing areas? Showers?

We have dressing rooms and cubbies for you to keep your things.  We do not offer showers, but each classroom has its own private bathroom.

What type of poles do you have?

We have six 14-foot tall (“competition height”) stainless steel poles  that easily switch between static and spinning modes.

Do you offer childcare?

We do not offer childcare but we are located in a shopping center with a kids’ indoor playground and activity center, and a kids’ gymnastics center.

I have an unlimited class membership, what if I miss a booked class?

Please call us at least 4 hours before class if you need to cancel so we can allow someone else to attend. Your first no-show is forgiven, any subsequent no-show will result in a $10 charge to your account.  Yes, you read correctly!  To prevent people from misusing our flexible class schedules and to ensure all of our customers have a fair chance to take a class, you must cancel to avoid being penalized.

Do you offer studio rentals?

Yes! We love to welcome competitors, dance troupes, trainers, and private lesson instructors to train at our studio at all hours and offer the most reasonable rates in town. We are also available for private parties, film, photo and video shoots. Contact Amy for booking info at (818) 856 1348 or email us at

Do you offer open pole or open aerial?

Yes! We have open and aerial sessions each day and, we have several rigging points if you’d like to train on your own aerial apparatus. We offer a monthly open pole/aerial membership for $49, drop-in open pole/aerial for $10, and open pole is free to all membership holders.